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How to rent a car to China's remote Tibetan area

&Nbsp;    now run in the territory of the Tibet tourism are the following: Toyota 60, Toyota, 62, Toyota, 75, Toyota 4500, vans, American-made "big dog".

these cars are almost always in the form of used car came to Lhasa. Toyota 75 two-tank. As regards the condition, enterprises and institutions to the better inside than the self-employed.

car rental in Lhasa, to avoid blind to the streets looking for cars, especially those that wander all day in the hostel foraging in the driver. In August of last year, on an auspicious day in the Bulletin Board of the hotel I have ever seen about Alice with a driver got very unpleasant post.


car rental in Lhasa, the most general way is to find a reputable travel agency, entrusted its operation to complete. (I have never done this, high costs aside, not to mention, more importantly I think it violates "donkey" meant. )

you can consult through friends or through a network of "donkey", "Alice" reputable drivers. This is a good idea. I once looked for cars, "Nyima cering", the master is kind, it felt so good! (Remember clearly written rental contract)  

car rental in Lhasa, there is also a small way, that is, to Lhasa, some big enterprises following the team to find, they are usually happy to provide car rental services. Units of vehicles in generally good condition, more importantly these vehicles on loan for you to have a backup protection. Go long "donkey" knows, Highland Road, sometimes unavoidably foibles, their team as a backup to protect your journey worry much. But if you are looking for self-employed drivers, to worry about many things. When I went no man's land in northern Tibet last year, experienced a "August 24 car sank na Mu Hu Xiang se event" after this deep experience! The captain if not car maintenance crews to drive leads, we are in trouble. (Still remember clearly written rental contract)  

final recommendations, "Alice" when they rent a car, charging by the km. This is good. Where you want to go, just tell the driver where, even if temporary change some plans can just km charge. Billing with the total package is almost the same.