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Visit abroad car rental, pay attention to what

&Nbsp;    to Europe and North America, some people like the rental car around. Many of the local car rental company and pay is not much different from the team, but some of the detailed provisions of the rental company did not account in a Web page, so rent a car have to peruse the information before, do your homework.

     best Internet rental shop (walk-in) rental charges will be much higher than car rental fees.

     Shang   net register car rental, it should be noted that the car rental company, leased by the conditions and limits established. For a major car rental company Hertz, for example, drivers must be 25 years of age, driver's license for more than a year.

     typically, each driver must register and pay extra for it. If unregistered driver and accident insurance claims may not be able to.

     bought "exemption from damage or theft" car insurance, car accidents or damaged car was stolen, drivers can avoid huge compensation.

    , such as car rental companies such as Hertz and Avis, car rental fees include basic third party insurance.

     in some countries such as Germany, and France and Japan, to provide holders of international driving licenses before they can drive on the ground. Singapore people to apply for an international driving license, to the Singapore Automobile Association, handling simple, immediate licence, which is valid for one year.

     car rental in some countries additional global navigation system (GPS) and infant car seats and other equipment.