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Travel car rental notices

&Nbsp;   roads and highways in recent years has developed rapidly in China, almost any attractions in China, there is movement of cars and taxis, these services provide many advantages for our tourism, we must use, don't tired yourself to save money.

     by bus and taxi, should pay attention to what?

    A. By bus, be sure to hold his seat, and crew coordination arrangements for the way life.

    B. Driving on the highway, be sure to fasten your seat belt, preventing accidents in order to hurt the body.

    C. Whether by bus and taxi, be sure to note, so unexpected, finding and complaints.

    D. Take a taxi, be sure to have a meter taxi, to pay a mileage fee.

    E. Don't show themselves as outsiders, tourists, in case the driver cheat.

     first I must rest and long travel, pashansheshui, causes General fatigue, backache, muscle stiffness, only appropriate rest, and avoids the tired feeling. There are walking, be sure not to go too fast, not to compete, meet Pavilion you can stop to have a rest, why in the area, established Chinese Pavilion? " Pavilion "to stop, is that where you have to stop and rest. Climbing and during the period, not perpendicular, to go the the "s"-shaped Division to reduce load, enabling the body to adjust. In short, do not use a part of the body for a long time during the trip, often change positions as well. Also, whether by plane, train, don't sit for a few hours, often moving, stand up and take a walk.   En route to avoid fatigue, as described section 10 on the way activities may wish to try to learn to do, definitely useful: