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Car rental travel tips just in case

&Nbsp;    the saying goes: "shit happens". Sometimes occur during car, accidents, vehicle theft and so on not liking things. If performance problems, such as auto parts, for example, non-artificial damage, tourists should contact with the lessor as soon as possible, through consultation, do not disassemble parts of the vehicle or equipment, or in case of disputes are hard to argue, and even caused the lessor's claim. If the consent of the lessor consent, their self-repair in the field, remember the original parts retained as evidence of the advance fee.


     first: some rental companies have emergency rescue service, once the vehicles fault picture will immediately repair or to the tenant for a new vehicle, travel to learn more about services, try to choose a scope of services than larger companies. Under normal circumstances, natural damage repair costs borne by the lessor of vehicles.


     II: accidents don't escape; once the vehicle after a traffic accident or other accident occurs, the lessee must protect the scene, is not possible to escape and inform the traffic control Department and the lessor as soon as possible. If the lessee to escape, even if you return the car at the time of the formalities, vehicles were detained according to law and other legal consequences may also occur, resulting in losses to be borne by the lessee.


     in addition, many leasing company rental contract provides that after the traffic accident, insurance deductibles, exclusions of payments to be borne by the lessee. Vehicle damage, the lessee must not only bear the costs of maintenance, have to cover the vehicle accelerated depreciation charges amount by the parties in the contract negotiations. Partial loss caused by traffic accidents to the lessor or lessee. Articles are not conducive to the lessee. Therefore advise car rental holiday driving carefully, to prevent accidents.


     III: a lost car don't panic; once the vehicle has been stolen, lost, don't panic, first to alert police to help police recover vehicle. Even if the vehicles could not be recovered, don't worry. Lessors generally have been in accordance with the law and contract insurance against loss, theft and third party liability insurance, the beneficiary is, of course, the lessor. If the tenant is at fault, assume liability only insurance exclusions, deductible part of the loss as well as part of the hire.