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Car rental companies guard against customer fraud

&Nbsp;    Qian soon, someone rent a Taiwan Passat since driving, to has ID, deposit 10,000, didn't had days, rental company found exception, contact not Shang car rental people, original this people put car took to sold has, do has fake driving card and other documents, for back 30,000 cash, others more than 100,000 yuan of car to into has he hand in of 30,000 cash, when check to person has always good bet, owes Xia bet debt, nasty zhixia playing up has evil, waiting for truth, This person confess inability to return the car.

     is also a cheat, a group more than a year ago in Guangzhou automobile leasing company cheated various grades of vehicles amounted to 7 units, worth more than 1.2 million, finally recovered 5, two units have been sold, the news got out, peers are taking preventive measures, car rental to adopt more stringent vetting procedures.

     General rental cars convenient and generally as long as the provision of identity cards, household registration, driver's license and can be a part of the deposit, most car rental the car convenient travel time requirements, especially holiday rent a car special.

     in accordance with the provisions of the Penal Code, a relatively large amount of contract fraud, sentenced to 10 years or more. Now leasing company, are afraid of the case. But the leasing company is also very helpless, when the tenant pays a deposit or request to pay tens of thousands of, this is the case of all the car rental industry is facing problems, not solve the problem, China's car rental industry is developed.