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Car rental home you know what

&Nbsp;   1. clear vehicle rental prices.  

     General rental company taxi rent includes a day in 8 hours or within 100 km of rental including driver salary (optional), vehicle insurance, fuel costs, and transit fees, parking fees, extra hours require consumers to pay extra costs.  

    2. to understand the car rental company's responsibility.  

     first of all, when the car rental company to ensure leased vehicles in good condition, spare wheel, vehicle tools are complete and valid, and car rental transfer to work out. Secondly, the leasing company must be responsible for the insurance of the vehicle, taxes, management fees, also responsible for the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Finally to assist tenants in violation of provisions of the claims procedures, accidents and insurance companies.  

     once the vehicle accident during the rental, rentals to contact traffic control sector and leasing companies, leasing companies will assist the user in the report to the insurance company within 24 hours. After the accident the lessee to protect the site, so that the traffic control Department and insurance companies dealing with incidents. Vehicle repair rental vehicles are parked to be paid for the period the period of rent, to pay part of the insurance company makes no.  

    3. drivers of new cars were a familiar process, car rent, do not immediately hit the road, to go through and are familiar with driving.  

     first conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, ensure that all normal vehicles. Must test drive, familiar with the function keys in the car to avoid driving in the operation chaos. Start the car carefully observe a variety of instruments and warning signals, paying particular attention to the speedometer and fuel gauge and engine temperature gauge, ammeter, oil pressure gauge and follow instructions. Low speed driving for some time, until you are fully aware of the vehicle's suspension, steering, braking and other characteristics of the system.