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Rent a car not for long once owned

&Nbsp;   when the experience becomes a way of life, the "rent" comes along with the times. More and more new people begin to put aside stereotypes, chic to select "rentals." For them, there is no burden, no one high consumption of inputs, this is a relaxed attitude to life. This is the age of a material having, when faced with temptation, you need to tighten their belts and live frugally when you can have is better than rent to play, experience, enjoy the "rent life ' of the high quality of life.

     rental types: rent not only brand-name goods, magazines, car, pets, and other practical items, even with experience, skill and time of abstract objects.

     tenant population: mostly 25-to 30-year old female white-collar workers.

     a tenant renting habits: female tenants like renting designer handbags and clothing, rented like rent equipment and luggage, some prefer flowers the old people.

     flow: 1. fashion fashion; 2. status; 3. " Enjoy light has "psychological: not for all, but it happened.

     in recent years, more and more people like Zhang Mingli from "cars" became "car rental". Say to them, car rental not only enjoyed the convenience and comfort of the car and avoid the risk of falling prices, and avoid the trouble of buying a car. Threefold, so why not? Domestic car rental market, however there are still some nonstandard phenomenon, often renting disputes arising. So when consumers are choosing leasing company must be careful.   

     first of all, must understand the car's limited mileage and beyond the limited number of accounting standards.  

     second, the car to prevent something timely, should also seriously about renewal requirements and the accounting provisions of the lease timeout to avoid objections with leasing companies.  

     third, carefully understand the rental company's commitment to fully enjoy their entitled rights.  

     last, and most important, signing the contract is the last content filled in vehicle, this is a process of mutual finds the condition.