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Rental car carefully in trouble

&Nbsp;    bought a car idle at home, spend so much, what should I do? Smart car owners to come up with a "silver bullets", advertising their car rental.

     according to the "rental car" ads, contacted the owner of Mr. Sun. According to Mr Suen introduced their Bollywood cars is to buy love, but now it is very convenient to Metro, this car is not a useless. "I usually work, mixed company car, this car must be placed, just opened at the weekend, a year, insurance plus various fees and also singled. So I want to rent out cars and let it fend for itself. "Mr Sun said, rental car is inspired by the leasing company. "They are a for profit purposes, I'm just going to save some money, compete with them, I am sure there are advantages. ”

     as regards the leasing model, Mr SUEN is not difficult, can be modelled on the rental company's ways of doing this, as long as people want to rent, ID cards and certificate of house property and other related certificates as collateral, rental fee is 100 Yuan a day, cheaper than the official rental car company. Of course, all costs are driving to take care of themselves.

     advertised for more than a week's time, calls to negotiate with Mr Sun also got a few people, and through a friend's introduction, Mr SUEN in this Bollywood also rent out a couple of days, net income of 200 Yuan. In this way, he boosted his confidence. "It appears that this business is really there is a market, I now can take the whole package, it would have been easier. ”