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Romantic and wedding car rental to save money

Banking solutions: romantic and wedding car rental to save money   before the article summary: new people, adorned with flowers and ribbons and beautiful wedding car is indispensable in the process of marriage, and style, large luxury car lineup you can dream of. In this age of the pursuit of personalized, choose what kind of car, not only more channels, price differences are large, new people to see what kind of economic strength and ingenious mind to draw new life began.   Each small girl may are has had fantasy, married of day, sweetheart will driving with a flower colored clouds or riding with a horse white horse to received she, but, real to has married day, not has cloud also not has white horse, but Mr. Right took a car decorative with flowers and ribbons of beautiful married car, also as can a round they mind in the that had distant but is better of dream.   You married this June romantic season to new people, have you decided on your "colorful clouds" or "white horse"?   Pursuit of style large space   in early 2008, a special wedding caused a stir on the Internet, Liu Tao is not because the bride and groom, however striking, but because their marriage luxury fleet of people wonder. Mighty fleet marriage, including a Porsche Cayenne, eight Ferraris, three Lamborghini, a Mercedes-Benz SLR Super   sports car, two Bentleys, Rolls Royce or two, can be said to encompass the essence of luxury.   All natural non-luxury wedding car lineup, and the pursuit of style, are key factors to be considered when people choose cars. A survey showed that when people choose cars, 53.3% people consider big car Wed; 25.7% were considered high brand awareness for wedding cars; 16.9% chose the design unique vehicles for the wedding car.   For most people, luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln is preferred in these brands, Mercedes-Benz s-class, BMW 7-series, long the Cadillac and Lincoln, and other top models are the most popular. If the limited economic capacity, intermediate cars such as crowns, lacrosse, Regal, Passat, etc also can play a role.   Someone says, wedding cars and diamond ring size is just as important. Another requirement is a large space for wedding cars. Due to bride child married day wear of wedding usually volume larger, and with car of also has bridesmaid, and groomsmen, sometimes even camera Division, and photographer also will squeeze came in, so added long ceremony car is best select, but sometimes if bride live in old city road more narrow words, added long car on not must can open have in, so also without blindly pursuit "grew up" of shape.   As regards the selection of models that we Chinese have always called car sedan, in ancient times, a bride on the wedding day is an indispensable ceremony sedan, so most wedding car naturally choose the car. Ingenious people will choose luxury cars, luxury SUV and Hummer, and even classic cars. Fleet of the wedding, of course, is not just the bride and groom, sometimes accompanied by relatives and friends and will always be, at this moment, MPV or bus is also essential.   Car rental daily rental price difference   wedding cars is an essential element in the process of marriage, but the economic conditions of most people still do not get married to to buy a car, so in addition to borrow from relatives or friends outside the car, rental cars have become an important channel. According to the survey, 45.5% people receiving wedding car prices in 2000; accepted wedding car prices in 2001~5000 26%; 9% accepted wedding car prices in 5001~8000. Visible, mainly in 2000 mass wedding car consumption.   In General, the ordinary b-class, such as Regal, lacrosse, Passat, Audi A6L, these cars due to the large inventory on the market, so rents are basically only about 450~1000 a day. Prices go up again is something that is a luxury brand of b-class, such as the BMW 5-series, Mercedes-Benz e-class, Cadillac SLS, prices at 1000~2000 Yuan a day. Luxury c-class cars such as the BMW 7-series, Mercedes-Benz s-class, Audi A8, daily rent is 2000~3000 Yuan. Specially lengthened limousine, such as lengthening the Cadillac, Lincoln, daily rent will be added as the long "number of lines" which increases, generally three or four rows of price is 2500~3000 Yuan, six rows for 4000 Yuan, seven rows of up to 6000 Yuan. Of course, there are prices of more than 6000 Yuan/day, is basically a super luxury car. Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage, half a day's rent is more than 10000 Yuan, and some very rare luxury cars such as the Maserati Chief Executive had also reached this price.  , However, in this age of the pursuit of personalized, sports cars and SUV has become the new people's choice. Sports car of rental of price General more your, General with have more of has Porsche Boxter, and Mercedes-Benz SLK, and CLK, and BMW Z4, and Audi TT, although they models small, and space narrow, but due to rental rate lower, so day rent and four row added long car of price quite, in 3000 Yuan above, compared cheap of Hood beetle of rent also over has 2500 Yuan/days. But as a wedding car, although the shape of the car is very elastic eye left eye, but space is very limited, especially two-seat Roadster, Z4, TT, the groom can only drive.   SUV cars not much, only a few, such as Hummer, Porsche Cayenne, especially the stretch Hummer, rents can reach more than 10000 Yuan/day.   In a wedding convoy, and ultimately, MPV and commercial vehicles, MPV, appearance rate is higher in the Buick GL8, its day of car rental at 600~700 Yuan, commercial vehicle parts, 35-seat King long bus and so on.   Four-channel Beijing, car rental rent a car-  for new people, in addition to pockets of factors, choosing a good channel to do some considerations. Current car rental mainly has following several channels.  : Wedding   generally refers to wedding cars, people first think of a wedding company. If the lovers wedding companies arranged wedding, wedding companies usually for newcomers, including a variety of car "package price", usually include chairing the planning, camera, DVD, flowers, packages, especially including the entire team (+ 5 a wedding car with car) packages, prices look very attractive. Because most of the wedding does not have its own car, also is leasing from the outside, except that they get is "wholesale price", but if you go straight to the ceremonial car rental companies, get the retail price. But if you separately to the wedding company leased car, look in absolute prices are cheaper, but because it is a half day (5 hours/50 km), and almost the same well, and car rental companies.   Channel two: traditional rental companies   the second channels are traditional wedding car rental car rental companies, in fact, many car rental companies for professional etiquette is evolved from traditional car rental companies. Due to the lucrative wedding car rental, so many of the traditional car rental companies have entered the market, set up special wedding car rental services, these companies, relatively strong strength, from the most ordinary of senior-class to the top of the luxury car has can provide more choices. But due to the fleet (or through finance lease) the need for spending on maintenance, parking, professional drivers, and so on, so its price relative to consumption, not much room.   Basically, car rental is divided into half a day (4-5/50 km) and full-day (8-9/100 km/h), according to the different brands, models, and a wide range of prices, cheapest 450 Yuan/day 15000 Yuan/days. This price includes insurance, driver's wages and fuel costs. If a timeout or beyond the mile, will have to make up the cost, according to the different models, 5~50 Yuan/kilometer, or about 50~500 yuan/hour.   Also, some small car rental etiquette company not much different with the wedding company, rely on "interbank", or even to a number of private car owners to borrow the car business, so, in the quality of services and models are not guaranteed.   Channel three: the chain of car rental company   chain of car rental companies, extreme car rental in Shenzhen, Beijing China auto rental, Avis from Shanghai. Relative Yu professional of ceremony car rental company, these car rental enterprise of price in since driving of situation Xia compared has competitiveness, to extreme car rental for cases, if rent a car Buick June more, General members day rent only for 558 Yuan, can driving of mileage number for 230 km, can with of time for 24 hours, however ointment of is, it not provides generation driving service, rent guest need another please driver driving, addition this price is not contains premium and fuel costs of, needed addition paid 50 Yuan of premium (integrated service fee).   Beijing China auto rental and Avis provide chauffeur service in Shanghai, although the mileage more than professional etiquette on the car rental company, but in general you seem on the high side. Avis Regal 9 hour 904 Yuan price of 150 km between. Most main chain or encourage short term rental self drive, or encouraging long term rent chauffeur, short term rental driver is one of the most economic service. So if the car is not high, General senior car can equal, and no driver, select the service chain of car rental companies are very profitable.   Channel four network car rental   these are entities of the car rental industry, along with the developed Internet technology and e-commerce, wedding rental car on a specialty sites, also became one of the main channel for car rental. Sites such as Chinese wedding network currently married, 591 NET I got married married, long nets, net, hot wedding network, these sites provide a platform for information, make car prices more transparent and open.   In addition to wedding websites, e-commerce sites such as Alibaba, fence nets, car rental information on Alibaba, provides this information often is the wedding company, and fence net "I want to get married" section, which is a car rental company, on these sites can be compared to determine a reasonable price.   Buy car cars   in recent years, weddings boom will not only allow car rental companies to be opportunities to make money, even auto manufacturers are not to be outdone was making new ideas in the near future opening of the 27 summer wedding exhibition in Shanghai on Shanghai hengchang 4S shop's participation is quite eye-catching in the hippocampus. As the only car exhibition exhibitors, display the full range models in the hippocampus, new people are most concerned about Huan in the hippocampus. Hippocampus Huan is a young fashion movement groups of female sports coupe, 7.96~9.26 million price is very suitable for young people's spending power. Hengchang hippocampus 4S shops also launched a "hippocampus happy wedding couple" activities, the special collection at the new, and by hengchang hippocampus motor provides this at weddings before and after preparation of the whole car fleet, an organization with special wedding special wedding and Hainan honeymoon tours and other services. Hippocampal Huan recently purchased car new consumers, wedding services also available.   In addition to the hippocampus Huan, there are more cars might become the new favorite car. Wedding car concept--maybe in the future there will be a new change is no longer a wedding day must take the car, but have to buy cars when they get married.   Considerations for related links:  rental car   car rental contracts signed, to pay attention to the following:    should be carefully asked the owner whether or not issued by the Transport Department of the People's Republic of China Road transport certificates or of the wedding ceremony rental vehicle signs, there is one of the two, is the legitimate business vehicles.   Understand the car's limited mileage and beyond the limited number of accounting standards. Mid-range sedan should be within 100 km of mileage, but there are many car rental companies is not limited to mileage, you can   condition (condition, rent, services, etc) weighed the respective general conditions.   Closer look at car rental company's commitment to fully enjoy their entitled rights.   Car to prevent something timely, should also seriously understand the continued billing of rent and the lease timeout   provisions, so as to avoid dissent with car rental companies.   Should be made clear in the contract: schedule (fixed range), method of payment (invoice and delivery), breach of duty (especially vehicles cannot be used in case of to how to solve).   Contract is the last content filled in vehicle, this is a process of mutual finds the condition. This procedure when it comes to cars then, so be sure to take seriously. First visually inspect the vehicle, such as a body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Then open the hood, check coolant, oil, battery status, after there were no exception, you can enter the cab, check the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning, and test drives, judging the basic condition of the vehicle. Special features for some models and their use should be clearly to the car rental company, in order to facilitate more convenient use of   Save the rental contract and receipts, in case of the wedding process, qualified cars there have been bad faith, accidents and other problems, the couple should be taken with a camera will spot down, to preserve evidence, to claim in the future.