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Car rental industry: land Canada

&Nbsp;    Nissan electric car Leaf landing Canada, sales rose slightly from last year, car companies end of decompression and relaxing.

     Japan's first electric car rental Nissan leaf tour on December 14 in North America Canada Vancouver. Nissan says it is the world's first mass production of purely electric, zero-emission, price invited

car rental, expect it to bring a revolution to the urban traffic.

all things, most brand models launched this year, also benefited from State support the development of small cars, as the market's biggest winners. The Japanese joint venture car, Europe, USA, South Korea

brands on sale is across the red, luxury car sales are terrible reversed, dealers were overcome with joy.


car rental market in Dongguan this year dancing in tandem with economic recovery, sales also rose slightly from last year. Consolidate the data show that as of mid-this month in Dongguan this year new car registration

more than 110,000 vehicles, is expected to be close to 120,000 vehicles a year, than last year on nearly new cars 8% increments.


Nissan leaf pure electric car due out in August of this year, and at the end of next year in Japan, North America, and first went on sale in Europe. Leaf is a five-seater hatchback compact car rental

。 Different from the petrol-electric hybrid car on the market, which rely entirely on lithium-ion batteries to provide power, a full charge can drive about 160 km and a top speed of 140 km.

Nissan Canada President make·gelimu told the media that the company, many people have misinterpreted electric car, leaf proved that electric car rental also has a reliable, powerful,

looks good and rich characteristics of driving pleasure.