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Rent a car in today's meat and potatoes

&Nbsp;      auto makers "fighting" car rental market, car rental becomes meat and potatoes.  


tepid Changchun automobile leasing market will usher in a genuine "spoiler". In addition to firm control of production and sales, the car manufacturers in the upper reaches

also extending to the car rental industry. 18th, some brand manufacturers in this industry, the first person to eat crabs, opened its leasing business. For the shanyu to contest, insiders believe such a move or push down prices of rental industry in Changchun, Changchun rental market change is raised.

offsite car or next year to test the waters in Changchun

"because there is such a demand in the market before this business, and this business will be even greater scope to meet the temporary needs of customers, the company will gradually develop this business throughout the country next year, customers can also carry out this service in any of the national network long distance car. "Yesterday, the brand franchise Marketing Manager of Changchun Jing Wei told reporters.

according to reports, the brand will be mainly based on the brand to keep customer and potential customer service to meet customer business travel, corporate hospitality, travel vacation travel, repair, new car experience as well as car rental needs.

"two birds with one stone, this service is definitely competitive, will affect the existing car rental market in Changchun City. Meanwhile, new car experience is a very important piece of business, many buyers will choose before the car rental cars, from a cognitive process of perception, this sale may also play a significant role in promoting. "Jing Wei said.

or hit the Changchun car rental market

"there must be impact, as things stand, complete Motors various models of cars of this brand, including off-road and commercial vehicles, so if the company in Changchun this businesses next year, will affect the existing traditional local car rental business. "Yesterday, the Changchun car rental company happy Johnson said.

Changchun Jin Gee Storage Manager also believes that up to car rental companies, car brands also joined the rental industry, will change the original Division of Changchun car rental market share. "The brand's dealers ' Spoiler ' will lead to changes in the market as a whole, could trigger a price war. ”

market share will expand

"in fact, the car rental market in Changchun's business is not very good, especially in winter, is the car rental industry's low season, our business scope, Changchun local customers, foreign customers than at present. But it is undeniable that with the improvement of people's living standards in the industry and constantly updated to the leasing concept, Changchun market is getting better and better, and that's why brand manufacturers headed off to leasing industry, will increase local industry changes and competition. "Zhang Siming of China auto rental company on the national chain Jin Shui stores told reporters.