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Car rental industry news

China auto rental, launch at is the industry's first dynamic pricing system.

China auto rental a nationally unified prices in the past, price depends on factors such as time, place, lease condition, the standard pricing and transparent fee pricing, the initial set up for enhanced customer trust, a market brand, data collection has been a big help. However, as the company becomes more mature, uniform pricing flexible enough, does not reflect customer needs diversity of shortcomings exposed. Dynamic pricing could solve the problem. Dynamic pricing on the basis of the original uniform pricing, considering different customers at different times, different regions on the price sensitivity of demand, price elasticity of to meet different customer needs, while reducing operating costs, increased operating income.

in August 2009, in conjunction with the airlines, hotels, banks and other partners free customers gold and Silver membership card at the same time, intelligent quotes according to the inventory by region, time, the new system to fall compared to the prices average around 15%. Since the implementation of dynamic pricing, all branches of China auto rental occupancy rates and rental income has significantly improved.

the 2008 economic crisis and worsening investment environment, improving the company's cost of capital, which leads to growth in the first half of 2009 is not clear, increase the difficulty of market growth forecasts. Face of the grim situation of environment, Lu Zhengyao had the worst plan. Car rental industry is too dependent on business people, when winter comes, many business activities are compressed, starting from the second half of 2008, car rental car rental rates dropped significantly. In this case, China auto rental recommendations according to some customers, new great wall, QQ and other economy car as early attempts. Creating these stylish and affordable economy cars, favored by the young, expanding the customer base of China auto rental. Both cars average occupancy rates of nearly 90%.

because adjusting the pace of expansion, optimization of cost structures, China auto rental in earnings was achieved in April 2009, company's annual operating income and net profit for 2008 from 12.9% and 27.8%, respectively, this result thanks to lay the Foundation for 2008, also in 2009 and the strategic focus of the right decisions.

Lu Zhengyao appreciate experienced a painful transition and choice of entrepreneurs, they pay more in a successful way. LIU Chuanzhi, became a good scholar learned gaining stature and international brands with Lenovo, he was a special case, also reflects China's process of intellectuals in the new times-Phoenix Nirvana. Response to the economic crisis, 2009 Lu Zhengyao made the right choice. So far, China auto rental with import vehicles 1, more than 000 vehicles, dispatching more than 4,000 vehicles. China auto rental 80% October average occupancy rate of rental, vehicle utilization is higher than the industry average. 2010 Lu Zhengyao will seek greater breakthrough, plan to add 3,000 cars.