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The end of the holiday, reserve a car fire

&Nbsp;    new year, new year's day draws near, some families start planning for holiday travel, booking car rental car rental company holiday.  

    17 day, reporters learned from the number of car rental companies in Harbin city, and now many people have booked in advance car, small bus, a family driving holiday in the Festival. Kuancheng Street located in Nangang district, a car rental company staff, cars and 7 small passenger cars is a popular book now, are people going to new year's day and family or two family in-laws during the new year's holiday. "Last day has 5 vehicles for booking a family holiday, but we are now more than 20 vehicles have all been rented out, no car. "The staff member said.  

     another car rental company team leader Zhang Yuqiao said: "our company has a variety of vehicles more than more than 100 units, of which more than more than 20 small and medium buses have been booked, some relatives went to resort on new year's day between the two families, some are a family of three during the holiday season to shop, worried taxis difficult to play, simply rent a car. " 

     reporter learned that, in recent days, is a popular family car hire holiday, like cars in different grades, and lease costs also vary, from 180 yuan a day sounds of Czech Republic reached more than 500, small and midsize cars a day's rental fee is 500 Yuan to 1000 Yuan. Some car rental companies also provide chauffeur service, run by the public away "bag day" fees are very affordable.


    2009 year, China auto rental (China) Limited (hereinafter "China auto rental") CEO Lu Zhengyao his focus from Omni-directional attack, rapid expansion, adjusting the focus on breakthrough, slow and steady. The strategic focus of the company from the national network and the construction of, shift optimization services to improve service quality, price, and so on. As the car rental market cultivation stage completed, major chain renting business tendency is increasingly obvious adjustments and transfers means that China auto rental price war transition to a value.

     this year, Qingdao, Shandong textile and apparel industry to overcome the financial crisis led to the international market, adverse effects of orders, export was seriously impeded, and actively expand domestic and foreign markets, adhere to independent innovation, fostering brand products, achieve a steady and sustained development. From 1 November, the city's 1077 textile enterprises above designated size industrial output value of 104.97 billion yuan, an increase of 17.5%, are greater than those in the city's industrial output value increase in completed export delivery value of 29.13 billion yuan, compared with average falls less than the city's total industrial exports.


Nissan entered the rental market   launch easy car rental brand.


However, industry experts believe that China's car industry to achieve from the quantitative to qualitative changes, is still a long way. Vice President of China machinery industry Federation Zhang Xiaoyu believes that there was car production and consumption in China, compared with the world car rental power, China car rental in key technologies and core competencies there is a large gap.


according to statistics from China Association of car rental industry, the first 10 months of this year, domestic car sales to 10.89 million units, of which 2.7 million commercial vehicles brand-oriented; 8.19 million passenger cars, own brand 3.62 million, accounted for more than 44%; joint venture production of foreign brands reached nearly 4.57 million units, nearly 56% per cent. In the most profitable areas of high-end cars, international car rental companies in the world.

transporting weapons export is transport important symbol of power, Germany, and Japan and other countries more than 40% of car production for export, and China's domestic car market in China, exports last year, only 5%.  

Miao said currently, to become the world car rental power requires three conditions, a world famous enterprises and brands with international competitiveness. Second to a share of the international market. Three master core technologies and technology trends, support and guidance of the world car rental product technology, and, in the process of cultivating the ability of independent innovation. In his view, coming from these

China rental power distance in the world is still very far away.