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Rental cars advantage at the end of the highlights

Car rental brand releases, has inherent advantages and development potential.

Nissan ahead of schedule after the sales target of 500,000 cars, only a few days apart, in the car rental industry's first step in the field.

on December 18, the Nissan "car rental" launch ceremony. This is a Nissan car rental brands in the car rental industry's first, the industry was generally optimistic about the prospects for innovation and development.

Dongfeng Nissan passenger vehicle company marketing head office Vice Minister Chen said: "' car rental ' brand, Nissan is ' pleasant ride, a sense of assured quality, service ' system of three-dimension values

a new round of extension and practice is Nissan achieve services branding of a new leap forward.  



     BYD at least 70% of the parts produced by the Division within the company, BYD F3, for example, its parts and tires, windshields, and few outside the General, including

, shock absorber, seats, doors, and even CD and DVD, and all their production. BYD car rental vertical integration strategies to maximize use of resources, cost savings, creating product cost advantage, frequently lift

price war in context of constantly rewrite the industry's bottom line, BYD car far behind his opponent. Now BYD car has sold more than 400,000 units this year, an increase of more than 100%.  

personal views of "vertical integration" is the brand of sacrifice, consistent with the present low value-added economy, can more effectively control costs. But at this stage the expediency of more rebel

and because it has serious quality problems, concentration of risk, not conducive to the future development of BYD.  

    has learned the Maple sales next year in the progressive realization of merger with Geely sales company, independently from the original company transforms into a Geely subsidiary Division.

the future, Maple brand will gradually fade and be "Shanghai englon" comprehensive alternative. During the merger transition period, and Maple brands will gradually be "Shanghai englon"  

background information: Shanghai Maple was built after 2002 buying jieshida enterprises, Li shufu, the initial idea is that Shanghai Maple than Geely brand, high-end car production bases. 但

instead, operations, Maple brand continued to be vulgar.  


l   subject to technical, Geely to provide make the high-end models in the conditions for Maple  

l   subject to market price war   the Maple had to intervene;

I doubt England Maple brand can be avoided if the vulgar  

changing times:  

l   Geely automobile technology has increased dramatically, especially after the successful acquisition of Volvo.  

l   strategic transformation and multi brand launched earlier this year, is experiencing a positive momentum, building high-end brands is urgent.  

new conflicts:  

Volvo is also high-end brands;  

brand Chong Mei Yang apparently in England, far from Maple-neutral, and increasingly assertive temperament does not match the national self-confidence.  


l   the UK brand is deprecated;  

l   Maple-like, after the operation for a period of, nothing;  

l   was confined to business and other niche vehicles.  

l   brand repositioning, evolved to look like a MINI with a strong United Kingdom brand of nobility.  

l   the market is fixed, for the taxi, highlighting the United Kingdom the humanization design of the taxi.  

it is understood that the "rental car" brand services is a Nissan store service network and service capabilities in support of car rental services. Customers through rental car outlets, telephone reservation center, dedicated Web site

service platform for cars, and Nissan new cars and vehicles to provide customers with remote car vehicle solutions and exceptional circumstances. At present, Nissan "car rental" service in Beijing, Guangzhou

four pilot cities, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and will further promote this new service to major provincial cities.