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Development energy rental industries

Development energy rental industries, and fundamentally solve the problem of environmental pollution.

(a) the development of new energy car rental is an important measure to alleviate the shortage of petroleum

development of new energy car hire is to reduce dependence on foreign oil, address the fast-growing energy needs and the only way for oil will eventually run out of conflicts. In recent years, the rental market is developing rapidly in China, has become the world's second-largest car market. In 2009, China's car ownership more than 70 million vehicles, production and sales both exceeded 13 million, annual consumption will reach 120 million tons of oil. Currently, China's per capita GDP has surpassed US $ 3000, upgrading of the consumption structure is an inevitable trend, and China is in an important phase of industrialization, urbanization and motorization, rapid increase in rental demand is inevitable. Rent a car has only 38 per thousand people, and the world average of 139 cars there is a big gap, car rental market also has considerable room to manoeuvre. By 2020, China's car ownership will reach 150 million, if all use of fossil energy, annual consumption will reach 250 million tons of oil, accounting for about 55% then China's total oil consumption. Therefore, to develop new energy car hire is to lessen China's oil shortage, an important measure for reducing dependence on foreign oil.

(b) the development of new energy car rental are effective ways to reduce environmental pollution

new energy car without burning gasoline and diesel, the lithium battery is used by internationally recognized environment. Compared with the traditional car, electric car startup there is no pollution, with excellent environmental performance. Terms of efficiency, energy conversion efficiency of traditional car rental is only 17%, the efficiency of electric vehicles is 90%, even taking into account the efficiency of coal-fired power loss, the total efficiency of electric vehicles is greater than 30%, about twice the traditional car rental, energy-saving effect is obvious. Especially in recent years, height around the world concerned about greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, although China is a developing country, low levels of per capita greenhouse gas emissions, but because China has a large population, rapid and sustained development of the national economy over the years, energy consumption has been ranked second in the world, faced pressure from the international community in the future will gradually increase. Survey shows that about 25% of the world carbon dioxide from car exhaust. In our country in the new car first to achieve a breakthrough in the field of energy, will change in a passive position on climate change, and making a contribution to solve the increasingly serious energy and environmental problems in the world.

(c) the development of new energy car rental car rental industry development is the only way to

new energy car rental car rental spawned a revolution in technology, and will drive the rental car industry to upgrade, build new strategic industries of the national economy, is the only way car rental industry. The use of new-energy car rental costs are very low. Its hundreds of kilometres of electricity costs, and electricity cost is the cost of oil 25% only, that is, using the new energy car only takes a one-fourth of money to go to original miles. General car rental, both manual and automatic, transmission shift, electric variable speed motor drive, no gearbox, and is very strong. In addition, electric four wheel drive, the principle is simple, easy to implement, and easy operation and maintenance, without changing the oil. These features of the new energy car rental, decides it has great vitality and broad market prospects. Envisaged by 2020, China's new energy car rental and car ownership ' 20%, approximately 30 million vehicles, the year can save 50 million tons of oil, the equivalent of a one-year oil production in Daqing oil field.

(d) the development of new energy car rental is an important part of smart grid construction

traditional power systems, the actual load wave generator rated conditions requested by the inherent contradiction between power load stability, how to deal with the difference between peak and Valley power system has long been a headache for power grid enterprises issue. China's electric power installed capacity has exceeded 800 million-kilowatt and will continue to grow rapidly, but the power plant's annual utilization hours of only 5,000 hours, in other words, many in response to construction of power system peak load for a short time, if the measure well, 600 million-kilowatt of installed capacity will do the construction. Just think, if the Government strongly advocated the development of an electric car, all city residents to buy electric cars, with low prices for electric charge in the evening, peak during the day can also be used from grid to sell electricity at higher prices, play a role in peak load shifting, then the difference between peak and Valley of the problem can be solved. Established under the assumption of power, will have a certain degree of self-regulation, power systems, transmission, distribution, sale, use, as well as all aspects of scheduling will effective interaction, an intelligent organism, which greatly improve the safety and reliability of electric power systems. It would be expected that as an important part of smart grid development, new energy car will bring a revolution in the power system.

overall, the new rent a car represent the world car industry development direction of energy, is the highest point of rental industry in the world in the future, is the world's major countries and common strategic choice for car manufacturers. To look from the height of national strategy, develop new energy car rental is a new economic growth point of breakthrough and achieve the fundamental way to transport energy in transition. China's car rental industry must take positive action, to participate in this global competition for new energy car rental, to meet challenges and to seize the rare historical opportunity and realize the leaping development of China's car rental industry.