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Car rental industry faces major challenges

End of the year, government staff will be reminded car hire friends to pay attention.

  It is understood that because of the similar color, black taxis in Shanghai City, most of them from out of town, Yueqing city, currently about dozens of such City "Clones". For black issues, Yueqing city traffic Bureau Deputy Director Wu guohua, said the municipal Transport Department since June last year, has been taken to crack down on unlicensed taxis, just last month, they arrested 11 black car. But because of the black majority in the small hours or days off working, and unlicensed taxis operating evidence relatively hard, for the transport sector management caused a certain degree of difficulty. Wu guohua said, the next step, traffic Transportation Management Department will establish long-term management mechanism, maintain strike, hit black operations, not to give them space.

taxi drivers reflect strong freight issues, Wu guohua, said there are currently two options being negotiated, namely: keeping the starting price of 5 Yuan unchanged, reduced to 1.5 kilometre away; or keep mileage unchanged starting price was raised to 7. "Right now, we are told, Yueqing city development and reform Bureau consultations, hearings will be held in the near future, and hearing comments and gather to the Yueqing Government decision. "According to Wu guohua introduced 2009 cost of oil subsidies may be issued to taxi drivers before and after the Spring Festival this year.

injuries forced insurance problems, Wu guohua said it will suspend.

traffic Department:

to reign in the same traffic regulation

for taxi drivers to reduce surveillance capture, increasing stops, said Lian Jianfa, Yueqing City Public Security Bureau Police Brigade General, Deputy Director, Yueqing city traffic Police Department last year, the eve of national day traffic campaigns to focus on regulation of "illegal parking", "violations" and other illegal driving behaviors, and through a variety of media to society announcements monitoring information. So far, the campaign has received good results, urban congestion was significantly decreased. With the Yueqing city vehicles increasing, maintain the same reign in traffic police for traffic violations, operating vehicle in a prominent position.

for taxi driver mentioned of captured more of problem, even built method said, in ensure road passage of premise Xia, police sector implementation "education mainly, and wide strict phase Chai" of processing principles, combined Yueqing city of road reality, on taxi against stopped behavior for classification, specific for: for side parking of, and and not to road passage caused effect of taxi, police sector General give oral education, not be punishment; but if obviously against stopped, and on road passage caused effect of, are strongly punishment. He also said that traffic Police Department recently invited taxi driver representatives see supervisory took offence, risks of parking.

and docked points less of problem, Lian Jianfa said, currently Yueqing city of taxi docked points does cannot meet needs, police sector will in road situation allows of premise Xia, efforts increased new of docked points; while, he also said, welcomes General taxi driver or taxi industry association about personnel to police sector proposed specific increased stopped recommends, if road audit situation can through, police sector will joint with related door as soon as possible implementation views, increased docked points.

people in the industry:

deeper issues to be solved

disposal because of the Yueqing city municipal party Committee Municipal Government, and quickly made a number of practical decisions, Yueqing, the taxi stopped temporarily subsided. However, around behind the city's taxi industry management problems, some in the industry say: If you are not investing or regulates the industry order, similar incidents are likely to occur.

according to a field named brother introduced the direct cause of the outage event yes man "earn money", but why make money? In addition to rising oil prices, vehicle age, black impact and other reasons, there are deeper problems need to be addressed.

some cabbies are worried that, even if tariff increases, the rental market and owners increased rents, affordable so not charged upon brother. It is understood that the taxi rental of leqing currently mainly controlled by the leasing, rent a year according to different models old and new, from 3500-5200 Yuan a month, the mediation fee of 800-1000 Yuan. "How much is the rent they charge, no control system. "Get rid of rent, maintenance fees, brother need to earn about 300 yuan a day to preserve capital.