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Low price but it can carry 7 passengers car brands

&Nbsp;   low price but it can carry 7 passengers, four own-brand MPV models.  

   though the amiable RS Supreme model of distribution costs no more than 90,000 yuan, but this car is equipped with a center console LCD screen.


     though the screen size is small, but higher resolution compared with the price, has been commendable. In addition more surprising is that the screen can be operate by touch, a lot convenient and intuitive, and Bluetooth phone,

navigation and DVD playback functionality, further improves the performance of amiable RS.


    is the good at policy level, is enough to create independent brand is confident about the future. Moreover, the brand is not held up fools.

    State-owned enterprises such as SAIC, Faw, Chery, BYD and other private enterprises, they continue to grow and develop through their manner.

    SAIC roewe 350 new cars coming soon, MG 3SW a new facelift. In addition to the new car market, SAIC also proposed an annual output of nearly 3 million units of production and marketing plans, and plans to invest more than 12 billion yuan to develop new energy automobile industry, since 2010

launched its own brand of new energy vehicles, and actively promoted new energy automobile components industry. SAIC investment will cover 41 high-tech industrialization key projects, including new energy projects and high-tech Expo

technology industrialization project private enterprise in BYD, for example, based on sales growth of over 100% in the year, still plans to keep this startling increase next year.

      face the fierce brand, international giants will be crazy back in order to guarantee their interests in China, a war is inevitable.


    "2009 Fukuda index" survey results is determined by Futian auto and horizon research consultancy group of people through the nation's 14 provinces derived from sample surveys. In 2005, jointly issued the first "Futian index-China

population mobility index "since the index has been published three times in order to reveal the motor trend of changes in the quality of life of the Chinese people, and committed to the promotion of people's mobility strategy. Mark on the basis of 2009 I

mobility index scores 61.89 points, with 2007 (61.42) and 2005 (58.33 points) compared to maintain a growth trend. Among them, the proportion of breakthrough growth between 2009- 61-70, the first

10%, description of secondary level of mobility group is expanding.

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