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Focus car rental industry: let people without cars to addiction

Focus car rental industry: let the car addiction   industries: car rental   industry started in the last century   early 90 's of the last century, Beijing, Shanghai and other places took the lead in car rental. In 1998, began to appear in Quanzhou car rental.   Quanzhou June Mr Chi Liu Xiaoyang, head of the Auto Club told reporters that their company was set up in 2002, Quanzhou, was earlier set up car rental company. "At that time not many cars, car rental business or most urgent need to use the car, so can be rented to about 20 cars a day on average, better cars can be rented four hundred or five hundred Yuan a day, ordinary also can rent one hundred or two hundred Yuan. "  As the car rental is an emerging industry, how to report card has become a problem. Police asked for rental cars and taxi cabs, should hang "min CT" brand. However, the car rental industry argue that not worth hanging taxi licensing, because a taxi every day, and rental companies vehicles may be "santiandayu, two days of" daily fee and not worthwhile. Finally, rental vehicles used ordinary licence.   "Predecessors had slipped, and today, many years later, Quanzhou urban-looking taxi a licence bid have reached more than 200,000 yuan, if using a taxi licence, now a fortune. "Leasing company General Manager of Ansett in Quanzhou Shi Li bin said.   Is frustrated by the Sunrise   "now as before, a good car can only rent two hundred or three hundred Yuan a day. "Liu Xiaoyang said," and it depends on the season, is very unstable. "   According to statistics, the city engaged in car rental company with thousands, many of whom are undocumented, according to the. Liu Xiaoyang told reporters that now more and more intense competition in the industry, or even a bad competition. Some companies intentionally suppressed, in order to steal customers.   Competition also led to negative phenomena such as fraud. In October 2003, the City Police successfully cracked the first rental car contract fraud case in our province. Suspect Peng Mousheng rental cars on the grounds, need car, a car rental company, and I rented a Jetta car contract worth more than 140,000 yuan, then immediately car as collateral for the mortgage to a pawnshop in the urban area, access to pawn gold after 50,000 yuan, and the proceeds used to pay the House payment, and drink.   Li bin thought, car rental is the city in recent years, a new type of service-oriented industries, because it is a new industry, leasing companies in the management system and preventive measures, there are many security vulnerabilities, and practitioners lack the ability to identify customers ' ID cards and driver's license authenticity, cheating has become some lawless elements "to make money".   Some tenants are traffic violations, but because the ticket is generally one month after, when tenants have been linked up. "Even made contact, a lot of people are not willing to return to face a fine. "Liu Xiaoyang complained to reporters said. The car accident happened and then "disappeared", and "are paid for by the us, is overwhelming, and fines only cars without identification. If scratches or parts dropping, we lose a little; if injury, we can't afford to lose. "   "Cheat cheat, owe the owe, no way could the car rental company opens. "Recently, the urban area a failing car rental charge is bitter to say, car rental high fraud rates and customer arrears rates, making life difficult for companies.   "Rent to buy" save the industry or   start 2 years business to pick up, and corporate activities have become increasingly frequent in April this year, owner of a computer company in Quanzhou is determined to spend 100,000 yuan to buy a hatchback sail. Boss says: "the purchase of a new car, it almost cost my company's budget for the year! "  In fact, owners can reduce costs in another way: buy a car, a car" burden "to the car rental company, but mainly on money and energy on their core business. Li bin told reporters that "rent to buy" will reduce business car cost 30%, this is very popular in foreign management, was slowly accepted by enterprises in Quanzhou, was a revolution on enterprise management in our city.   Liu Xiaoyang said foreign companies keen to rent a car rather than buying a car, the root cause is the pursuit of management of "cost control", that is, within the company for some time, and costs are known in advance, the exact measurement of destiny, can approve production costs and product prices, developing marketing strategies. In addition, the "rent to buy" ready to adjust the expenditure risk, flexibility is a good way to reduce costs.   Li bin thought, "is the long term car rental, are expected to save the car rental industry".   BACK