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Hybrid taxi

&Nbsp;     Shenzhen Government will enable hybrid taxis, it will be a big prospect for the automotive industry.

    "at least 10%. "One car rental company staff said," the season of holidays is the rental market, especially in the winter, rent a car has more people than usual, price

rose is certain. Unless the current monthly rental customers, consideration can also be given to adapt to price, other retail car rental only until December 31, after unified

new year's price. ”

     Shenzhen, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Government in the middle of this year "green action day" period, rented more than more than 20 common BYD F3DM dual-mode hybrids, in which two trials in Hong Kong. 香

Jie Pan Deputy Secretary for environment in Hong Kong recently by BYD producing dual-mode car rental companies in Beijing   hybrid cars to Yuen Long, visit to the Environmental Protection Department, the "bag-making for children"

promote green living.

Shenzhen Municipal Government hired 20 vehicles were assigned to a trade and industry Commission, Bureau of national development and Reform Commission, traffic police, traffic and Transportation Commission, the Human Settlements Committee, Political Commissar of the fiscal 6 departments such as corporate

car. Civic Center area specifically for these vehicles is equipped with a post.

issued by the Ministry of national energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration project catalogue of recommended models, F3DM became one of the first selected cars. Master dual-mode technology in the world today

the other two companies as General Motors and Toyota, but from a technical perspective, compared with international companies, BYD, a cut above: F3DM has a maximum speed of 150 km, mileage 100 public

in the.

municipal development and Reform Commission said, matching the charging station will be officially put into use next year, when the Municipal Government also plans to start using electric car as a taxi.