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Discussion on car rental prices

Rental car prices, car rental companies: what are the prospects? Recently visited a number of rental car companies understand, compared with previous months, car rental market price does not

with decline.

in the most common Jetta, for example, new Jetta 2009 maximum rent of 150 yuan a day. In September, similar car Jetta models at least 160 RMB/day. Now

individual businesses have launched "for three days giving" preferential policies, on average less than 120 Yuan/day. 2006 Jetta 100 Yuan/day, and from 2007 year of Czech Republic

model 130 Yuan a day, if monthly 3100 Yuan or so can win, and unlimited mileage.

other car rental prices are very favorable, Polaris 200 Yuan/day, the Elantra in accordance with different condition, daily rent for 160~200 Yuan. 2008, and daily rent in 260~280

Yuan, monthly prices between 6500~7000 Yuan. Carol handles Beijing car rental   moved out of 260 Yuan/day, automatic 280 Yuan/day.

and the extension of vehicle purchase tax for passenger cars with small engines until the end of 2010, according to 7.5% is imposed by the vehicle scrappage cycle amount raised

to 5000~18000 Yuan.

   Chang Xiaocun said that in addition to city auto sales, rural auto market is expected to exceed 2 million units this year, more than last 80%. He said: "the auto consumption was just coming

consumption is big. ”

"right now, is in the grace period before the season, car rental market is light, the car in the hands of only losing money, cheaper than rent it out. "Head of a car rental company in Changchun

told reporters.

"at least 10%. "One car rental company staff said," the season of holidays is the rental market, especially in the winter, rent a car has more people than usual, the price at which

rose is certain. Unless the current monthly rental customers, consideration can also be given to adapt to price, other retail car rental only until December 31, uniform application of the new year's day after the price. ”