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Car rental – changing the way people travel

Mature car rental in Europe and America, gradually bear fruit in China in recent years, recent auto industry stakeholders to help people change the way, began publicly declared strategy of change.

in the car rental industry, China auto rental is not the first participant, but in many ways, creating and leading the development of the industry. "Two card a card" rental model tenants to provide ID cards, driver's licenses and credit cards you can rent a vehicle was first introduced by the China and other competitors to follow suit, while in China last year, CCTV, airports and other large-scale advertising has begun to reverse a population for the car rental industry, "chipping" narrow impression. In August this year, China auto rental industry-first launched dynamic pricing system, prior to the change mode of the nation unifies the fixed price, in September launched its mobile WAP site. "Online and mobile, a 24-hour call center and stores, we want to allow customers to book the most convenient and economical. "Qian Zhiya says.

according to Qian Zhiya introduced to business weekly, 2009 China auto rental operations as a whole although the increase in the number of vehicles is not much, but in the rich product content, range of goods but there has been a great improvement. Up to now, China auto rental in addition to the more than more than 30 cities with direct points, up their stores in more than more than 60 medium and small cities, and models to choose from ranging from budget to high-end business number more than 100.

"change Chinese way to travel", which is the goal of China auto rental set at the outset. But wanted to change, you must first convince customers and the like. Also in the context of convergence business model, how to provide high quality personalized car rental service is the key to winning customers. China auto rental with regard to enhancing the customer experience have been nuanced, apart from reservations and rental procedures are simplified, China auto rental has introduced the Platinum member "free off-site car", a member of high reputation "waive a notice of deposit", as well as services such as free shuttle service to all customers. For customer sake of purposes not only reflected in operation strategy Shang, more specific to each details: summer comes, China car rental for vehicles update has anti-Sun film; each inspection car time shortened to 3 minutes; rain days, stores will for each a bit customer prepared umbrella and rainy day lane of small posted Scholar; for outside of customer, stores employees will in make front print detailed of traffic figure, for needs.

"China's biggest advantage is backed by the UAA combined car club this platform, can provide national roadside assistance service. "Qian Zhiya says. Formed part of the travel services, China auto rental with airlines, banks, hotels,   car rental companies in Beijing   book and Web industry for more than 20 companies in partnership. In her view, China in cooperation with these partners in pursuit of a win-win, "only the Enterprise fully integrate throughout the industrial chain, can bring more tangible benefits to customers."

has predicted that in the next few years 20%-30% car rental market, China will maintain an average annual growth expected in 2015 leasing vehicle demand will reach 300,000-400,000 units, market scale will reach 40 billion yuan. Qian Zhiya also believes that the car rental industry is on the rise, competition is not this, but not with each other long relationship. She said: "we do not fear even welcome competition, because more want to go see this industry mature. ”

she said that until August 2007 was established, China auto rental is the size of the top three private leasing companies, the pace should accelerate next year, currently based on increasing the scale of three thousand or four thousand vehicles, listed in 2012 plan will be step by step.