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Car rental industry's latest news

Today, the car became some white-collar work mode, then explain to members the benefits of car rental and related conditions.

6 benefits of rental cars

first, the vehicle may at any time update

Second, lifting annual inspection of vehicle maintenance, troubles

third, fully improve the utilization of funds

four, will ensure you a good financial situation

five, can increase the cost and reduce waste

when I was six, in case of traffic accidents, the leasing company can help


taxi fares will be realized within 24 hours of transfer

a cartoon cab fare

a few days ago, Ding of the public wrote to this newspaper said that he often travels to Shanghai, take a taxi the greatest feeling is able to use public transportation card payment, quick, convenient, reliable, and most

the Shanghai taxi drivers, who have not willing to cash out.

but in contrast, as claimed by Beijing, Beijing rent a cab fare card support has been implemented for a few years, but has not been widely open. I have asked many taxi drivers in Beijing, their main

to worry about several problems: one is the rebate was not timely. Drivers want to take out a card to pay fares, can only go to the gas station, and money will not be returned after 1 month to their bank card.

Second, drawing too few gas stations, it is not convenient.


seen from the current situation this year, auto sales in China first in the world

    recently, the data released by the Ministry of Commerce's website shows that in January-November, the domestic cumulative sales of 12.2658 million and 12.2304 million respectively, an increase of 41.59% and 42.39%. “中

has now entered the ' automobile '. Is now widely forecast full year sales of 13 million, more than I think. "The Department of commerce market construction department director Chang Xiaocun said during the financial crisis

under the influence of the global decline in auto sales, auto sales in China as the world's first, sales this year of more than generally expected.

    from the recently introduced policy can also be seen, auto sales next year still has a huge space. Meeting of the State Council recently referred to a number of measures promoting consumption, reduction of 1.6 liters

it is understood that the current rental rates on the market have only until the end of December 2009 was over, new year's holiday for next year, almost all the rental price must be adjusted upward again.