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Taxi company "Angel"-like care

&Nbsp;       Weihai dutiful son to scrimp and save work to save the father, four taxi company contributions. A public welfare activity, comfort of a conscience, "Angel's wings" old and sick father and dutiful son

heart has been the community's concerns.     


yesterday morning, the passenger in Weihai rental Center, Golden League in Weihai Weihai East Asia car rental company, car rental co, head of commercial car rental company in Weihai four companies each holding 500 Yuan to built and journalists went to the hospital to see the Tiger's father. Weihai passenger rental Center official said, after reports on the evening news, they see, moved was all Tiger's filial piety, wanted to do some modest help. Beijing auto leasing company   QQ chat Weihai evening news news group named "Angel Wings" friend phoned me after seeing the report to reporters, said would like to help build the Tiger. Yesterday, she also took 500 Yuan and milk goods and journalists went to the hospital to see the Tiger's father built.

according to build Tiger introduces, after his employees saw the reports, ongoing fundraising, also hit the city Federation of trade unions of the enterprise applications, hoping to get aid. In addition, urban wind near Weihai Park beef hot pot shop owner also said that they will mobilize their staff members to build on Christmas day Tiger make a contribution.

according to the doctors, and all Tiger's father can be operated by the inspection, depending on need further consultations to determine.