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Passenger-car fashion color research and development base in China

&Nbsp;    car rental, at the head of its economic situation becomes a mainstream way to travel. At the Guangzhou auto show, held recently, Liang Yong, President of the China fashion color Association officially "China fashion color research and development base for passenger cars" plaque awarded to Changan car rental.


in this regard, said Jia xinguang, Chief Analyst of the China's car rental industry association, Changan car rental group joined hands with the China fashion color Association established the "China fashion color research and development base for passenger cars", creating a color research pioneer in the field of China's car rental industry. "For rental cars, and research includes not only the color track color changes, including paint precision development, quality development, improvement of coating process of car rental, and many other aspects".

"color marketing in the car rental industry is not a secret, but the inclusion of color to the field of research, Chang is the first rental car." It is understood that both colors change Chang Yue-Xiang, or "Mont Blanc" white roof, c-sharp, color marketing had been rental car manufacturers of the full deduction. Especially in the field of fashion-led economy car, color has become a hit with consumers first magic weapons. But how about in the car rental industry, systematic study of color, mining, will take time.

President of Liang Yong said although the research has not yet formed a system of color in the car rental industry, but look at the trends, personal consumption has gradually become the mainstream consumer, car color attracts consumers ' attention. "Hope to see Changan car rental car rental companies in Beijing   efforts, China fashion color research and development base for passenger cars can provide better products for consumers, leading the fashion trend of passenger cars in China to create a better tomorrow. ”

guidance on consumers ' purchase choices, experts say, although people for the sake of fashion, personality, even at the cost of money you choose color, spray paint on their own. But from a security perspective, it is recommended that select color, because it is easy to recognize, have closer feeling can often play a role in early warning.

Finally, Jia xinguang Changan car rental and also gave a high evaluation of the CNCS. "This car and cross-industry cooperation in the fashion industry, has two meanings: one is for consumer optional vehicle reference; second, the reference for car rental companies, is a guide. ”